Monday, 11 February 2013

Monday Meet......

I have decided to do a weekly feature called Monday Meets.... Which is a Q&A to let you get to know a Beauty Blogger old or new!
The first person for you all to Meet &  to answer my questions is....

Teän  from Laugh Lots. Live Life. Love Forever . 

I am 17 years old and I live in Cornwall. I have a passion for hair, beauty, nails and xbox. I know it seems a little bit mixed up but thats me. I plan to blog about everyday life from hauls, reviews, how-to's and plenty more.

1. When and why did you begin blogging? 
I began blogging just after Christmas. I got into watching you tubers and reading blogs late last year and I fell in love! Being passionate about beauty and hair, I thought it'd be great to put my opinion across! My main inspiration is Zoella I just love her style and personality. I would love for my blog to grow and grow but then again if it doesn't I don't mind because i love doing it and it is a way to rant about bad products and praise good ones.

2. What is the whole ethos of your blog? 
 So my blog is mainly about beauty things I guess. But I do try to do other posts too. As I haven't been blogging for a huge amount of time I'm still trying to get into a routine of things and make it my own but I feel I'm well on the way. I am your typical girl-liking beauty and fashion. But I also love the guy things like top gear and Xbox. And I feel adding posts like that show that you don't have to be a guy to do these things. It shouldn't be so stereotypical.

3. What five things can you not live without? 
Ooh we'll my first one is my iPad/blackberry I have to be in communication with people and I just love being a part of the social networks. 
2. My moisturiser, I suffer from dry skin so this is my must have.  
3. Salt spray, I normally just let my hair dry naturally and it has a slight wave so I really think the salt spray emphasises them and makes them more defined. 
4. Marc Jacobs Daisy, mmmmm I love this soooo much! I'm nearly through my bottle :(. 
Lastly 5. Nail varnish, I'm pretty bad with picking nail polish off but I just love it so much! I have an obsession and I am a hoarder. I have about 60 polishes. Haha.

4. What is your favourite product & Why? 
mine would be skincare- simple derma cream. It's a thick consistency and it aids dry skin and eczema. I find it really helps.

5. What important lessons have you learnt from being a blogger and what are your favourite types of posts to write and read about? 
I love reading about hauls! I love finding new must-haves. And I like writing NOTDs, I love sharing my polish ideas. And what I've learnt is how welcoming the blogger network is. Everyone is so friendly and I really appreciate it. It's so lovely. 

6.Any last words?  
Thanks for putting this on twitter such a great opportunity. Really appreciate it. Thankyou!! :D ❤

If you would like to Feature in one of these posts please send me an email to & I will send you out the Questions & Details.

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