Saturday, 14 September 2013

Maybelline Quad in Coral Drama

I have viewed this palette from afar looking at swatches, Umming & Ahhing as to one I need it & two if I'll use it but when I was browsing eBay & came across a brand new, sealed one for £3.55 including postage, instead of its usual £7.19, it was in my basket & paid for before I had chance to change my mind! Once I had it in my hands I am so glad I bought it, the shades are lovely & perfect for this time of year.

As you can see, the colours are all very shimmery and metallic, the colours are pigmented, creamy and A great combination of colours. They are great colours for Autumn/Winter in lovely rusty bronze shades, There's a shimmery cream colour, with the hint of gold in it, which warms it up, I use this for a highlight on my brow bone and in my inner corner of my eye. The gold shimmery colour I used all over the lid, and put the bright light coral colour at the outer corner of my eye/in the crease. The final dark burgundy colour I use on the outer corner. This would look great on any eye colour but I particularly like it with my blue eyes it really makes them pop!

What Maybelline say..
• Rich colour. Smooth feel. 
• Innovative formula with silk pigments creates the ultimate shadow texture and luminosity. Illuminate – Sweep lightest shade all over eye using wider side of applicator, from lash line to brow bone. Blend – Apply second shade across full lid; using tapered end of brush, add shade to lower lash line for depth. Emphasise – Sweep third shade from inner corner to middle of lid. Contour – Line darkest shade on upper lash line with tapered end of brush for added intensity.
Overall I am really impressed & will definitely snap some more up at this price, I would pay full price for another but prefer a bargain & will be stalking eBay for other shades.
What's your favourite eyeshadow single/palette for Autumn?


  1. These look beautiful. I've been using Maybelline's colour tattoo in various shades for a while now and I'm looking to get my hands on a new palette. Great Ebay bargain

    ox Lucy

    1. The colour tattoo's are really good especially on & on bronze! The l'oreal colour infallibles are really good as well :)


  2. This looks like such a nice palette! I think i may have to try one too! I'm really loving the MUA. Heaven and Earth palette! It's £4 which is so good!xx

    1. Haha! It's lovely :)

      MUA is a great brand I like H & E, I also like their undressed palettes x


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