Friday, 20 September 2013

Kiko Neon Glow Light Effect Serum

Neon Glow Light Effect Serum from the current Dark Heroine collection. Is a limited edition product that comes in a very glamorous box and inside is Something quite beautiful! An innovative breakthrough in cosmetics, brightness renewal serum for an immediately more radiant complexion. An exclusive solution that combines the moisturizing and smoothing properties of a gel with the brightening effect of the reflective particles contained in its internal helix. As the serum is dispensed, the gel combines with the luxurious pearls. 

The product is packaged in a transparent container in which the spiral of the purest pearls is suspended in a soft, transparent gel. The serum performs a complete action. The efficient technological packaging dispenses the two textures in a perfect mix.

Its formula is effective, containing ingredients to help revive the skin’s natural splendor and to prevent skin aging. The components of the gel act together with the full bodied, multi reflective pearlescent texture to provide elegant radiance to the skin. 

The face rediscovers a young and smooth appearance for a radiant glow throughout the day. Easy to apply for immediately visible radiance. Its effective formula massages the face with a revitalizing and intense action.

Once blended out on the skin it is a little shimmery, but when you put your foundation on top the effect is magical. It turns the shimmer aspect into a gorgeous luminous glow. It is not a primer, in that it won't mask your pores or promise to help your make up stay put longer, but it makes a lovely smooth base for your foundation. Leaving you with a lovely dewy 'Lit from within' finish.
The Kiko Neon Glow Light Effect Serum is £13.90 and is available from the Kiko website.


  1. Sounds like a great product, but I'm always kinda wary of shimmery stuff beacause I'm afraid they'll highlight any blemishes I have!


    1. It just brightens your face, so concealer will still work x


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