Saturday, 21 December 2013

Imperial Candles - Christmas candle and Jewellery gift.

As soon as I saw Imperial Candles website I was sucked in! I love having scented candles burning in my home in the evening, It just makes me feel warm, happy and fuzzy inside... Whilst browsing the site I discovered that not only are you buying an100% natural soy wax candle, but you also get an amazing surprise piece of jewellery inside your candle worth between £10.00 - £2000!...So When the lovely Alex offered to send me one I immediately said Yes Please!... The candle I chose was the cinnamon and sweet vanilla scent (Although the other scents sounded lovely) as it is perfect for Christmas. 

The candle has a fabulous strong scent of spicy cinnamon and sweet vanilla it makes my whole house smell amazing within a couple of minutes of lighting it.... As the jewellery is a surprise you have no idea what it is until you find it but it will be either a ring, a set of earrings, a necklace or a bracelet in either .925 Sterling silver, white gold or yellow gold, it is hidden in the wax wrapped securely in gold foil, after a couple of hours burning the gift will appear for you to unwrap & admire! I think the whole concept is fantastic as it is a gift within a gift! 

(Sorry the photos are bad my camera wouldn't focus with all the sparkle)

As you can see I received a gorgeous Sterling silver necklace with a gorgeous heart pendant set in clear stones with a red/pink central stone. it is really pretty and states it is worth £50.00!, I will definitely buy more for gifts or to treat myself.. What girl can't resist a beautiful scented candle and a surprise piece of jewellery?! 
The candles are 100% Natural Soy Wax, they have 2 Wicks to prevent tunnelling, they are also Made with love and hand poured in the UK with a Burn time 100-120 hours. If you want to buy someone a fantastic gift or just to treat yourself, check out the website Imperial Candles and see what surprise piece you receive and if that wasn't good enough.. 1 in 500 candles also has a code in it to win an iPad 3. They currently have some new Christmassy scents.
What's your favourite scent? 


  1. Wow that is a really pretty piece of jewellery and I love the sound of the candle x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. I loved the idea as soom as I saw them! Shame the pics came out bad.. I'll try and update asap x

  2. Pretty, I've always wanted to try one of these!

    1. They are really nice as a gift or a treat for yourself xx


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