Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Transformulas Marine Miracle Crème

This rich marine cocktail with Lysedine heals and transforms the complexion while reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Marine derived ingredients, including seaweed, algae and sea salts, flood the skin to enhance skin firmness, elasticity, plus rejuvenating nutrients help strengthen the cell structure, resulting in younger, healthier looking skin.

Marine Miracle Creme floods the skin with rejuvenating nutrients and works to help relax the dermal layer, resulting in less movement and fewer expression lines.
The Ageless Range - The Fab 4, consists of Glycol Primer, Skin Tightening Tonic, Cell Support Serum and Marine Miracle Creme.* They all work in synergie together giving you optimum results and long term benefits. The collection was formulated to work together, like “flower food working together with cut flowers to prolong their life”. Excuse the basic explanation but we do find it simply and the best way of explaining the benefits of how the Tonic and Serum, along with the Creme work. Like changing the water and adding the food regularly – prolongs the effects and maximizes the benefits seen and felt.
Marine formula loosens expression lines
Fades lines and lessons wrinkles
Tightens and firms your skin
Hydrates, heals and restores with vitamin E3 properties
Ultra -hydrating
Aids cell structure rejuvenation
Gentle effective and safe
I have been using this cream for around two weeks now and am starting to notice little changes, my fine lines are looking less obvious, but I think I need to use the whole jar before I decide if it is a 'Miracle' cream it is expensive at 50ml for £69.95 a pop but if it does what it says on the box then It's a price worth being paid. I'll update once I've finished trialling it, but so far it seems to be doing something! 

Have you tried this brand, What's your favourite face cream brand?


  1. OOh I am looking forward to hearing about how you got on with your trial x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Me too! I'm hoping I look 21 again for Christmas! Ha xx


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