Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Introducing Snails.. For your little Princesses!

As a Mummy of a five year old who's going on fifteen and also showing signs of having my Beauty addiction, I was very excited to see this press release drop into my inbox. Introducing you to SNAILS (Safe Nails!) a brand that have created the first French-made chemical-free kids nail polish. A bit of background behind the brand... It all started when a mum of two scoured the market for safe non-toxic nail polish to add colour to the imaginative play of her little ones. She quickly found that such a product just didn't exist — so she created SNAILS*. 
My little Girl loves playing dress up and is always asking me to paint her nails and putting make up on her, so when I saw this brand I thought it was a fantastic idea and as the company was kindly offering for me to review them I jumped at the chance as I knew she would love to try them all out without causing any damage to herself or my house!

Many highlights of these new products, such as:
Revolutionary formula — containing just water, acrylic polymer and non-toxic colorants, SNAILS is safe in its simplicity. 
Totally water soluble — SNAILS washes off easily with simple soap and water, making  harsh solvent-based toxic remover a thing of the past.
Environmentally friendly — from biodegradable packaging and lead-free bottles, to a strict no animal testing policy. 
Hypoallergenic — SNAILS is chemical, Paraben and toxin free, so little nails are kept safe and sound and splendidly coloured.
Vivacious colour choices — every SNAILS polish delivers glorious high-quality gloss and a deliciously gentle fragrance.

These polishes come in a cute little bottle with a white lid and a pretty little bow to match the shade of polish, my little girl loved them at first sight! The formula is just like any other polish but without the smell. The polish is smooth and applies easily with no streaks. Lasting power is good to as she washed her hands throughout the day and the polish stayed put, you have to rub the nail varnish with the soapy water to remove, just be careful when drying hands!... I love that it can be simply wiped off in the bath, meaning I no longer have to dash around my house on a monday morning looking for some nail varnish remover to take her's off before school! 
Available from polishes are €8 each, the site shows all the countries they are for sale.

What are your thoughts on washable nail polish?

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