Sunday, 23 February 2014

Apivita Antispot Face Cream SPF 50

I have been on the search for a daily SPF that is non greasy and good for my skin, I found this Apivita Antispot* sunblock which is made with 77% natural ingredients and contains natural extracts such as sesame oil, some sort of tomato extract, propolis extract, different grades of organically-cultivated green tea extract, sea fennel and sea lavender Prevents and helps reduce brown spots with sea fennel and achillea.

It also offers High protection with an SPF 50 and UVA 2 effective protection against UVA and UVB radiation with photostable combination of filters, Protects against photo-ageing and free radicals with propolis1, sea lavender, lycopene and vitamin E, It also Enhances skin defense and maintains skin’s natural moisture with sea lavender and panthenol. I don't fully understand all of the ingredients.... but I do understand that the cream in this tube is really great in protecting my skin from harmful UVA & UVB radiation without causing me greasy skin and breakouts! It is a great primer for my foundation, it blends in with no problems its non greasy and leaves my skin matte. I got mine from Farmaline its online pharmacy that stocks lots of French pharmacy brands providing you with everything you could wish for in skincare.

What's your choice of daily SPF? 


  1. I got so excited seeing this, until I saw the 'tomato extract' - I'm severely allergic, so this is a no-go! I recommend the SPF version in Garnier's Moisture Match line, though it is a little greasy. x

    1. Oh really? That's a shame but they do a sensitive skin version maybe check out the ingredients in that one? Thanks I'll check it out x

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, don't worry about the funny ingredients in Apivita products. They love to add plant derived antioxidants and protectors into their formulations.


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