Friday, 12 April 2013

Friday Favourites - My Favourite YouTubers

As it's Friday, I just thought I'd do a little post & shout out to my Favourite YouTubers (& Blogs) They are all really Down to Earth Natural girls who remind me a lot of my real life friends, So I enjoy watching their videos for entertainment, tips & Ideas for new products! - Lethal....

First we have Khila aka Miss Budget Beauty, Khila also has a Vlog Channel sharing her life with her lovely Family & let's you get to know her as a person, she reminds me so much of one of my Best Friends in the way she speaks & her Mannerisms!

Second we have Sam Schuerman, she also has a Vlog channel with her Husband Jay,which I love watching, I have watched for years just before they had their 1st child Phoenix, they are a lovely family & make me laugh.

Third we have Estee, Estee is such a character she can turn a beauty review into a comedy act! Her accents & Face pulling makes her video's fun to watch.

Last but not least we have Anna, Anna gives great informative videos & always buys/shows great products usually of the higher price but usually worth the splurge!

There are a few others I watch & may do another Friday Favourites if you like reading them?!

Do you watch these Ladies, or Do you have a Favourite I should take a look at?

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