Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Supaskin Super Hyaluronic Cream

This looks like an ordinary, simple Cream but this Super Hyaluronic Cream is the ultimate nourishing cream for smoother, softer, younger-looking skin. it's comprehensive formulation for superior hydration is proven to harmonize skin’s hydrous flow as it regenerates and protects against environmental factors. Combining the highest concentration of Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, and new sugar technology.

This cream is such a great product my skin loves it! It makes it look & feel younger, my fine lines especially around my eyes do seem to look reduced as it plumps out my skin, It doesn't have a scent, the cream is really light & is absorbed straight into my face once applied. I will definately be repurchasing Super Hyaluronic Cream* as it is possibly the first cream that has actually made a difference to my skin, My face is so much smoother & brighter.

They say it Provides intense hydration, Stimulates new cell growth, Improves elasticity, Dramatic reduction in fine lines and wrinkles & I would agree!

It says it's For normal to dry skin - but I'm Combination & it has been perfectly fine -No oiliness or extra shine. I use in the morning and the evening. Applying a thin layer to skin and allowing it to dry before I apply my Make up or go to bed.

Are you a Hyaluronic Junkie?


  1. Oooh it sounds intriguing.. I love how technical it sounds, and the effects are amazing xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Hi
      It is! I saw immediate results, you only need a little bit as it spreads out, lovely product :)

  2. I love the serum of this. I think i need to try the cream as well. x


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