Friday, 26 April 2013

Mary Kay® Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinävia®

This product is a must have in every makeup kit, whether your a professional or an enthusiast! This will bring normality back to your skin, seal and ensure that your makeup stay's put all day!
Finishing sprays are every celebrities secret to picture-perfect long lasting makeup application.
Mary Kay has partnered with Skindinävia®, a leading brand of this celebrity go-to product, to bring you our own exclusive, consumer-tested formula.

This innovative product helps prevent makeup meltdown and keeps makeup looking freshly applied for hours. You won't have to worry about your makeup for up to 16 hours! It’s for any skin type, even oily, and keeps face feeling cool and refreshed when sprayed onto the face. Won’t stain, dries quickly, and washes off easily. For all you Brides out there this is a perfect for you. You need to look your best all day, and your makeup has to last through sweating, kissing, hugging you name it. This is going to be your best friend the day of. Use this spray through the day as well for a nice pick me up to your skin. Just blot your face and spray.

Available from Mary Kay for £14.00

How do you Set your Face?


  1. This product looks great, defiantly something I would consider using, I have quite sensitive skin so I wander how it would be on that!?
    Great to know about new products.

    Following from

  2. Hi
    Ermm, not quite sure I have Combination skin, but not caused any problems - I also spray over my whole face -Eyes included & I've had no problems x

  3. This sounds good, i really like the urban decay setting sprays & this sounds similar. x

    1. It's made by the same company, so it probably is the same stuff, just cheaper :) xx


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