Tuesday, 2 April 2013

My New Glasses....

I have had to wear Glasses since I was around 10 Yrs old, my first pair were a fetching Blue Plastic aka Deirdre Barlow style!

(These aren't the actual ones, but similar! Oh Dear!!)

Over the years the frames have become smaller, but my prescription gradually got worse, I'm guessing due to age & Computer work!

I have always bought my glasses from a high street opticians as I can try on different styles, even though I always end up getting the same style/shape as I know it suits my face shape! I also thought it they would be better quality etc.. But as I need to have my lenses thinned to stop them looking like jam jars due to my high prescription they cost me around £400 every time my prescription changes - Just think of all the Make up I could of bought with that!!

A week or so ago I was browsing the internet & came across the online opticians Gregory Pex who offer prescription glasses and sunglasses for men and women at  up to 80% off the high street. I started looking at the styles & noticed how much cheaper it was online than in store, at least £200 cheaper!!
I found a pair of Gant Semi-Rimless for £50.00 & the rest is history they are now mine!
It is so simple, all you have to do is add your chosen glasses to your basket, choose the lense type, choose the lens thickness, add your prescription, check out & wait for a knock on your front door!

I really don't know why I hadn't thought about purchasing my glasses online before now, the whole experience has been brilliant, Gordon from Gregory Pex dealt with me from the beginning & updated me via email on every step.

It states on the site "Buying cheap glasses online no longer means poor quality. All prescriptions are made here in the U.K and every order is supervised by our Optometrists."
The glasses took 3 days! to arrive, Even though my lenses are a special order prescription & Easter Weekend Bank Holidays, so I think this is Fantastic! The glasses are very sturdy & very well made, just as if I had bought them from a high Street opticians! I am so Impressed & will definatley be making all my future purchases online from now on & keeping the extra £200 to spend on Beauty :)

I've noticed at the moment there is a BOGOF offer on so you could get your sunglasses aswell -Bargain!

If you wish to check out the site & all the great Frame options you can by going to Gregory Pex

Are you a glasses wearer, have you bought online?

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