Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Maybelline Barely Branded Colour Tattoo

Maybelline Barely Branded Colour Tattoo Metal Eyeshadow  is a warm, creamy beige with a frosted, metallic finish. I had to buy this from eBay as Maybelline have let us down again by not releasing it across the pond! This is probably one of my favourites along with On & On Bronze, as it is easily applied for a simple look.

It has a lovely smooth Texture, great lasting power & good pigmentation. To me it is a fantastic Dupe of  MAC's Bare Study paint pot, but it's just a little bit lighter, but on the eye you'd never tell the difference! They also sell for a fraction of the price.

This shade is very versatile and can easily become a go-to eyeshadow base. The shimmer when it
sheers out is nice, and what I liked most about it was that it sheered out evenly so it could be easily
used as a wash of color for when you’re in a rush!
I really do not understand why Maybelline have not brought out these neutral colours in the UK as I personally think they'd be a massive hit?!

Are you a fan of colour Tattoo's?


  1. This looks sooo gorgeous! It's a shame they don't have the same colours here as the USA.. xo

  2. I really like using the Color Tattoos as a base. I feel like this one would be an awesome daily one since it's a "skin tone" shade.

  3. I'm wishing and hoping they will come out in the UK - this looks beautiful!

  4. This looks so pretty! It's on my list, have you tried any other colours? Xx

    1. Yes I've got the on & on bronze, permanant taupe, eternal gold, the charcoal one that are sold in the UK but there are another 2-3 that you can only get in the USA that i want to try! :)

  5. I really want to get this shade! I have Bad to the Bronze and it is sadly starting to dry up on me :(


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