Sunday, 9 September 2012

August 2012 Jolie box

I have been subscribed to Jolie Box since they started last year & have got to say pretty much every box for me has been a winner!

Every month i am introduced to new fresh brands that i enjoy trying out & would probably never pick up or come across if it was not for Jolie Box, as i am late posting this i will not run through everything i got as im sure you have seen many blogs describing what was inside.

But again i must say this is another good box!!

If you would like me to hear my thoughts on future Jolie Boxes please let me know?

I was subscribed to Glossy box for about 6-8 months but unsubscribed from them after their birthday box, mainly because their boxes from the start were hit & miss from the products you receive in the box to which box you received! I remember one month the difference between the 2 boxes everyone got was astounding to say everyone paid the same £12.95 but half of the subbies got a box with products worth about £50+ and the other half got one worth about £16? - i however always seemed to be lucky & got the 'Good' box.
But from month to month it could have been a different story & i'm positive i would of stopped my subscription much earlier!



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