Sunday, 16 September 2012

Morrocan Oil dupe?

Carino Argan Oil looks like Moroccan oil but is it the same as Moroccan oil?
I'd heard about this product a couples of weeks ago, but was advised it would be out of stock everywhere, so i didn't expect to walk into my local Aldi yesterday & find a huge shelf full of it!!
I quickly snapped one up & went home with my purchase. (i now wish i had taken a few more & stocked up as i can't see it being there for too long).


I was a little Unsure at first as to whether it would make my hair look greasy or sticky with it being cheaper, however this wasn’t the case at all. It’s very lightweight, easy to apply and doesn’t feel sticky to touch.Just like when i use the more expensive brands. 
It has a gorgeous, slightly fruity/coconut scent.

I have both Moroccan oil & Macadamia oil and love them both but i don't really love the price tag!

The oil claims to ‘strengthen, smooth and seal in shine’ in order to keep your hair in optimal condition. It also states that hair looks healthier after just one application, which I can vouch for – as my hair definitely looked far more full of life than it did previously! The package advises that you apply the oil as part of your leave-in conditioning routine, prior to heat treatment or blow-drying. However, I used the product on dry hair as well and it still gave me a really silky, softer finish. If you do choose to apply the oil before blow-drying your hair, I usually put a little on before i blow-dry and then a little more once it's dried to smooth down any fly aways!

All in all, it’s a great product – especially for £3.99! Dependent on your own usage, I’d say that the 50ml bottle would last around 6 months, in which time your hair should be looking much healthier and shinier. However, as these are sold on a limited basis at Aldi it might be worth stocking up if you want to use the product on a day to day basis. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone that suffers from dry, heat-damaged and split hair – or who simply wants a silkier finish when blow-drying.

Other products on the market which are similar to the Miracle Oil are priced at around £11, so this definitely is a much cheaper alternative. But the results are the same.

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