Friday, 21 September 2012

Lily LoLo Mineral Make up

I have been looking into trying mineral foundation, I have stayed away as i don't understand how a powder alone can cover flaws and uneven skin tones.
I have looked at the different brands and was surprised by how expensive they were compared to liquid foundation.

I was tempted to try Laura Mercier as everyone raves about it,but the cost put me off as i don't want to spend a fortune & then hate it, but maybe i will when i know i like the feel of just powder on my face and feel confident with the way it looks like with regards to coverage.

I discovered a brand called Lily Lolo, They sell mineral make up at a very reasonable price, the reviews i found were very positive, but what made me decide to try it was you can buy samples for £1.29 for 0.75g so i can try for a couple of weeks and decide if it is for me & what shade i would be.

Here are the sample pots they are lovely little branded pots, that are reusable for travelling.
Here are the shades i decided to try 

I got Blondie as this seemed to be the most popular shade in reviews, but i also got Barely Buff as it seemed a tiny bit darker, I also got Dusky as i thought it would make a good contour/blush shade, Then i decided to try the 2 finishing powder in Flawless matte & Translucent Silk.
 i also got a mineral shimmer in Stardust, Which would make a perfect Highlighter.
I ordered direct from their site here . The Company were very efficient as i ordered them at 8.30pm on Wednesday night, got a dispatched email on Thursday & received the order today.
 I have not had chance to try them yet, but i will do a review as soon as i have.
Have you tried Mineral Foundation,what is the best way to apply it?
Have you used Lily Lolo, what did you think of it?


  1. What a great idea :) Love being able to try a product before i fork out for the big version :)

    Would love you to check my blog out and maybe follow each other?

    1. I thought so :) i've been using them & mixing together to get the perfect shade, but can't get used to not having liquid foundation on my face :(

      Yes course i'd love a new follower! ;)


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