Friday, 21 September 2012

Jolie Box September 2012

I was thinking only  this morning my Jolie box should be arriving soon so i decided to Tweet JB asking, the reply was i should receive a email today telling me it had been dispatched, i didn't expect 4hrs later to open my front door to receive My September Box.

If you would like a sneak peek keep reading!

This box is called Runway ready, my box is blue not sure if everyone's will be different?

so what's inside.

Balmi - a lip balm containing spf15 to moisture your lips and provide protection from harmful rays. Mine is in Coconut & smells and taste lovely.

I Love...Face Mask- A moisturising & reviving face mask with yummy fruit extracts for all skin types. I got Mango.

Redken Align 12 protective straightening lotion - This is the best selling lotion controls hair for naturally straight results, whilst providing heat protection and banishes frizz.

Twistband Hair Tie - A Twistband to keep your pleats, Buns and ponytails secured without leaving bumps in you hair afterwards.

Extra item :

Dr Braggi - Bio Marine Exfoliant - A Marine based exfoliant to smooth, cleanse,brighten and renew tired skin.

They also provide a code to get 20% discount & Free postage - Jolie20

I'm happy with this months box as it provides lots of new products for me to try! 

Do you subscribe, What do you think of this months box?


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