Sunday, 9 September 2012

Cadburys Chocolate Pretzels ❤

When i was in my teens i used to love Nestle Flipz & was rather put out when Nestle decided to pack up & take these tasty little treats back home to the USA - Boo Hoo!

I had been on a mission to discover a similar treat, until i discovered them again last year in a shop that opened close to me, selling American goodies, but at £5 a bag it was on the exspensive side as these little treats are extremely morish & had a habit of disappearing rather quickly!!

Marks & Spencers brought out their version around Christmas 2011, but didnt really have the same appeal or taste as Flipz......

But to my delight after running out of milk one rainy sunday afternoon here in Manchester, i nipped to my local Co-Op & Found a display of Cadburys Chocolate Pretzels!!! 

They are AMAZING a lovely mix of pretzel goodness mixed with cadburys chocolate, i was in Heaven ❤.  

I would definately recommend you give them a try ASAP!.. I'm not sure of the rrp as i bought mine for £1.50 but have seen in my local ASDA for £1.99?


Do you have any food weaknesses past or present??



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