Thursday, 20 September 2012

Favourite High end Foundations

I love Budget Brands in Make up but i also love treating myself to Luxurious High end brands, the whole experience, the packaging & the product itself.
Over the last couple of years i have tried different brands some i've loved & repurchased & some I've disliked so have given them away or they are sat in my drawer getting dusty!!

My All time favourite Foundations has to be is this order.

  • Shiseido - Sun Protection Liquid Foundation -This is a liquid foundation that defends against powerful UVA/UVB rays as it provides a flawless makeup finish with full coverage. Resists perspiration, water, and oil, to maintain a soft matte look on skin, even during outdoor activities. Unites optimal sun protection with skin-caring makeup. Glides on smoothly and evenly; feels non-sticky and feather-light. Contains Thiotaurine, an antioxidant that neutralises free radicals. Minimises imperfections with a subtle matte finish. Very water-resistant. 
It is amazing & stays on all day, in my opinion the longer you wear it the nicer it
looks & it is SPF 30,Lasts all day on me. A brilliant day to night foundation. I apply with the sponge provided slighty damp.

  • Chanel - Vitalumiére Aqua - Its soft and evanescent ultra-fine fluid texture is a real surprise: although exceptionally delicate and light, it offers an incomparable “second-skin” perfecting result. The complexion appears amazingly even, fresh and energised. The skin glows with seemingly nude beauty. As if lit from within. Bathed in light… Its formula, enriched with a UVB sun filter and mineral sunscreen, protects the skin from damaging sun rays (SPF 15). Its crystalline fragrance accentuates the sensation of freshness and pleasure on application.  
This does everything it says above! It gives such a gorgeous natural look to the skin, lasts about 8-10hrs on me. I applied with a buffing brush or fingers.

  • Dior - Diorskin Nude - Skin appears fresher, silky and feels more comfortable.Thanks to micro-droplets of water, this foundation’s coverage is lighter than a “classic” fluid formula, and it evens out the complexion and makes it appear more radiant and transparent.  Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10 blends 100% natural mineral pigments with Dior's exclusive, active mineralised water to deliver flawless, glowing skin that actually improves over time. By using advances in mineral makeup technology, this product will take your complexion to a whole new level. 
This one is similar to Chanel but the formula is thicker & give a lovely glow once applied & lasts about 8-10 hours on me. I apply with fingers or buffing brush

  • Estee Lauder - Double WearKeeps skin looking fabulous, breathing comfortably through heat, humidity and activity without changing colour, fading or coming off on clothes. Natural matte finish and SPF10 sunscreen to protect skin.
This is Similar to Shiseido in the length it stays on but this is a full coverage foundation, which i usually use for a night out or if my skin is playing up, gives skin a flawless finish. I apply with buffing brush & smooth out with fingers.

  • Estee Lauder - Double Wear Light - Sheer-to-medium coverage and up to 15-hours wear. Long-wear makeup is now lightweight makeup. Fresh, natural, comfortable. Goes on sheer, leaves skin free to breathe all day. Controls oil, resists smudging and won't "melt" off through heat and humidity. For a look that stays vibrant and fresh whether it's a workday, a workout or a weekend. It's makeup that keeps up--Oil-free. Photo-friendly. Fragrance-free. Non-acnegenic.
This is another long lasting foundation & gives you a flawless finish, This is a great day to night foundation as not as full as the original but gives great coverage.

Do you use any of these brands? Do you have a recommendation for one a should try?



  1. Hey lovely...found you via the blog hop so thought id say hello xx

    1. Hi, Thanks for following, i hope you enjoy what i write about :) x

  2. My fave one is not particularly high end, but it suits me perfect...Vichy Dermablend.

    1. I was watching a Vlog & someone was using the smooth indulgence concealer to cover their whole face & it looked amazing but when i googled it, it isn't available in the UK yet, so i might have a look at the foundations!

      Thanks :)


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